About Us

Gay Serville is an entertainment site that provides places for nightlife for people who work so hard deserves a break. Our writers search the best nightclubs in Florida as a guide for people who wants to have night fun. Not only for local Florida people but also for tourist who wants to explore the city. We are able to provide news about different nightclubs and bars near me so that local and visitors will have a convenient on how to visit the place. Gay Serville market is bringing the best of the city together under one roof its best dance clubs near me. As well as, bars, and cultural experiences. Gay Serville captures more than decades of local knowledge. Also, independent reviews, and expert opinions.

The site starts 2006 in Florida where we established different bars and restaurant their foods, live bands of the State. Just less than a year with only a few blogs we receive a million viewers and people interest to visits all the places we feature. From then on we are dedicated to featuring different cities most popular places where they can enjoy both food, nightlife, culture experience, and many related ideas.


Now with the different platform where we can bring the best of the best in every city. We will keep on searching for the best in the city. With one roof we will deliver its high-quality contents to collaborate with our journalists and researchers. We will present to you different best foods, drinks, music, and theaters. As well as, restaurant, entertainment in different cities and countries. All the article that is being offered in Gay Serville must have been reviewed with four or five stars, and not less than one star, by independent Gay Serville journalists and researchers. Hence, this unique format, that is all about bars, nightlife. Also, parties are now coming to other great cities around the world.